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George and Martha Washington welcomed thousands of guests to Mount Vernon , and were well known for their boundless hospitality, frequent and memorable parties, and for the wide variety of culinary treats served. Explore our food and drink products!

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Christmas Berry Preserves
Mount Vernon Holiday Jam Gift Set
Pioneer Farm Sour Worms
Mount Vernon Colonial Blend Coffee
Mount Vernon Southern Pecan Coffee
Strawberry Butter
Spice Blend Sangria
Orange Marmalade
Watermelon Jelly
Wild Strawberry Preserves
Triple Berry Preserves
Sweet Heat Preserves
Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves
Spiced Apple Butter
Red Raspberry Jam
Old Fashioned Peach Preserves
Habanero Peach Mango Preserves
Cucumber Marmalade
Cherry Preserves
Autumn Harvest Marmalade
Jack Daniel's Tenessee Honey Whiskey Pecans
Jack Daniel's Whiskey Praline Pecans 10 oz
Gingerman Tea Bags
Liberty Herbal Tea Bags

67 results

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