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Young Hyson Green Tea

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George and Martha Washington were renowned for their elegant and welcoming hospitality at "that hospitable mansion", Mount Vernon. For entertaining family, friends, and dignitaries on warm Virginia days, the piazza served as a welcome venue for late afternoon or evening tea.

Young Hyson is created from green tea leaves picked in Spring, then thinly rolled to have a long, twisted appearance that unfurls when brewed. Named for tea merchant, Phillip Hyson, Young Hyson was imported to colonial America by the British East India Company. Young Hyson tea was highly prized and the tea tax was higher for Hyson than for other teas. During the Boston Tea Party, 70 chests of Hyson were destroyed.

This "leaf from America's tea heritage" comes from Oliver Pluff & Co, Charleston, SC. The tea canister contains 4 ounces of loose light, sweet green tea.