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The Permanent Resident: Excavations and Explorations of George Washington’s Life

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The Permanent Resident: Excavations and Explorations of George Washington’s Life (Early American Histories) by Philip Levy - Copyright 2022 - ISBN: 9780813948515 - Hardcover, 264 pages.


In The Permanent Resident, author Philip Levy considers the ways common understanding of Washington has been shaped. It is a complex tale in which scholarly research becomes entangled with popular mythology, public relations, and even a bit of fraud, in ways that even experienced scholars have had difficulty unraveling.

No figure in American history has generated more public interest or sustained more scholarly research around his various homes and habitations than has George Washington. The Permanent Resident is the first book to bring the principal archaeological sites of Washington's life together under one cover, revealing what they say individually and collectively about Washington’s life and career and how Americans have continued to invest these places with meaning.

This lively, engagingly written book offers a fresh take on Washington, with much of it drawn from the most recent archaeological findings (from his childhood home near Fredericksburg, to Barbados and Mount Vernon), while also narrating their many, and shifting, afterlives in American popular memory. Topics that will fascinate anyone interested in this most famous of American founders. 

A Mount Vernon bookplate, signed by the author, is included with your purchase.