The British are Coming - Young Reader's Edition

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The British are Coming (Young Reader's Edition) by Rick Atkinson - Copyright 2022 - Hardcover, 224 pages - ISBN 978-1250800589

How did the United States become the country it is today? What led to its creation?

Adapted from the George Washington Book Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winner Rick Atkinson's deeply researched and stunningly vivid The British Are Coming, this young readers edition explores these questions and so much more as it delves into the American Revolution.

A collection of key battles from the beginning of the war, including Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill, sets the scene, telling a story of liberation fraught with contradiction and intrigue.

This book includes maps with a legend, a timeline of events, and list of key historical figures to help guide readers through. History buffs and newcomers alike will be drawn into this fascinating, photo-illustrated account!