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Your purchase supports our mission to preserve George Washington's legacy

Rose Campion Seed Pack

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Rose Campion: Lychnis coronaria

Lychnis coronaria was found in Britain as early as 1596 and was growing in American Colonial gardens by the 1700s.

Rose campion is a short-lived perennial, commonly grown as a biennial and will readily re-seed itself. It prefers moist soil but is tolerant of dry conditions. Rose campion produces a rosette of low growing, woolly, silver-green foliage and sends up 2-3' flower stems topped with bright, magenta or white flowers in early summer. Deer resistant.

Seeds may be sown indoors 8-10 weeks before the last frost date and then transplanted outside. Rose campion seeds require a cold treatment to germinate. Mix seeds in a small, plastic bag of moist germination mix and place in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Alternately, direct sow seeds into the garden in the late spring or early fall. Press the seeds gently into the soil. Do not cover. Keep seeds moist. Seeds germinate in 3-4 weeks at a soil temperature of 70°F. USDA Zones 3-9.