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Ready-to-Serve Jarred Cobbler - Cherry

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Originating in the British American colonies, cobblerĀ came into creation whenĀ settlers lacked the ingredients and cookware toĀ cook a traditional pudding dessert. What was producedĀ in its stead, wasĀ a sweet fruit mixture that wasĀ covered with either biscuits, uncooked batter, or other flour based mix, then baked together in a pan or dish.Ā 

Enjoy this colonial traditional dessert, in an easy to store and ready-to-serve form!Ā These jarred fruit cobblers are made by mixing a singular fruit jam with biscuits to create the effect and flavor of a oven baked cobbler ā€“ without the hassleĀ or mess!

  • 16oz glass jar
  • Contains milk and wheat
  • Requires refrigeration after opening