Mount Vernon Parrot 3D Ornament

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In 1799, the presence of "several species of parrot" on the piazza was noted by a guest, among which a cockatoo. Mrs. Washington and her granddaughter Nelly owned many exotic birds such as parrots and cockatoos. Birds were a feature of life at Mount Vernon for at least three decades. As early as April 8, 1773, George Washington purchased a parrot from the Captain of a West Indian trading ship that stopped at Mount Vernon.

This beautifully colored and etched 3D ornament represents one of these vibrant tropical birds. Perfect addition to your home décor or Holiday decorations.

  • Lightweight metal ornament is about 1” W x 4” H x 1/2" D
  • Includes a 4” long red ribbon for easy hanging
  • Mount Vernon gold tag on red ribbon