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George Washington's Liberty Key

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"George Washington's Liberty Key: Mount Vernon's Bastille Key: the Mystery and Magic of Its Body, Mind, and Soul" by William J. Bahr. ISBN: 9781537323374. Copyright 2016-2019. Embossed Softcover with 240 pages.

The Key to the Bastille is perhaps the most interesting key ever made. The Key now hangs in the central passageway of George Washington's Mount Vernon Mansion, helping to greet over a million visitors a year. The iron key, which was the main key to the Bastille prison in Paris, was given to Washington, the patriarch of liberty, by his missionary, the Marquis de Lafayette, in 1790.

Discover how this unique key was made, how the man who made it helped kill a king, and how it made its way to Mount VernonAlso examine what Washington and Lafayette each believed was the "key" to establishing and maintaining liberty, and what went right and wrong in their respective revolutions.