Fire Bucket Matchstick Holder

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Our sturdy polyresin matchstick holder is a 6 ½” H x 4 ¼” W reproduction of Washington’s 18th-century fire bucket. Leather fire buckets were essentially the most important pieces of fire-fighting equipment from the seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries. Standard-size buckets, such as the six George Washington purchased for $19 from Philadelphia’s saddler and retailer William Jones on March 10, 1797, held approximately 2 ½ to 3 gallons of water or sand. At Mount Vernon, the buckets stood ready for use in the first-­floor servants' hall. These incredibly rare survival pieces remind us of the very serious threat fires were to life and livelihood in the eighteenth century.

The important mission of protecting Mount Vernon from fire continues to this day. In 1879, the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association purchased its first four fire extinguishers. Great Americans like Henry Ford recognized the threat too. In 1923, the Ford Motor Company gave Mount Vernon its first fire engine. He also encouraged the Association to form its first fire department and install proper fire hydrants. 

See The Mount Vernon Fire Bucket – leather reproduction of Washington’s 18th century fire bucket made in honor of the important history of fire prevention here at Mount Vernon. This is a unique reproduction to add to your home decor, great for your foyer, hearth or anywhere in your home to add a touch of history.  

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