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Wasp Trap Glass Iron

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Introducing our Glass Wasp Trap with Cast Iron Holder, a sophisticated twist on the classic design. Nobody enjoys the presence of wasps and other pesky insects when seeking outdoor relaxation. Our glass wasp trap offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

To utilize, simply fill the bottle with a sweet liquid to attract wasps through the bottom opening. Once inside, escape becomes improbable as they instinctively fly upwards, unable to exit the same way they entered. When the trap reaches capacity, remove the cork, dispose of the trapped insects, and it's ready for reuse.

Distinguished from homemade alternatives, our trap features a bottom entrance, preventing rain-induced flooding. Additionally, its ornate design surpasses the visual appeal of makeshift traps fashioned from soda bottles suspended by wires.

- Large clear glass bottle-style trap
- Elegant cast iron holder/base
- Strategically designed to entice wasps and bees through the bottom opening
- Escape for trapped insects is highly unlikely
- Antique rust finish adds vintage charm
- Dimensions: 4.25" Diameter, 6" Height