Children's Tea & Etiquette

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Children's Tea & Etiquette: Brewing Good Manners in Young Minds. By Dorothea Johnson, John Harney & Ann Noyes. Illustrated by Dawn Peterson. Introduced by Bruce Richardson. ISBN: 9780966347890. Copyright 2006. Hardcover with 40 pages including index. The arrival of a great-grandson has inspired Johnson to write "Children's Tea & Etiquette" in which the main characters learn basic manners when they attend a tea party for grandparents and grandchildren. The illustrated children's book features simple lessons in shaking hands, giving introductions, making eye contact, picking up a napkin, brewing and drinking tea, and writing a thank you note, all the things grandparents can sometimes achieve more easily than parents. This is an inter-generational book that brings grandchildren and grandparents together over a cup of tea. Several child-friendly teatime recipes are included as well. For ages 6-12.

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