Mount Vernon 2022 Annual Ornament

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Special note: Shipping Delays

The arrival of the 2022 annual ornament has been delayed due to supply chain issues and port docking availability. The estimated delivery is now late July/early August.

Pre-order your annual ornament now and we will ship it to you as soon as it arrives at Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon's 2022 ornament depicts the handsome colonial black metal lanterns used to light the paths at the estate.

In the 18th century, lanterns were popular to transport lighting such as candles and small oil lamps, offering a way to light up the night and allow evening activities. Glass-enclosed lanterns with ornate housings provided the ideal means for lighting drafty passages in eighteenth-century homes.

In 1760, George Washington ordered "1 handsome glass Lanthorne for Passage - wt. Lamps & 10 Gals. Oyl" from his London factors. Lanterns sometimes incorporated pierced designs at the top, so that light shining through create a play of pattern on the ceiling. 

Today, lanterns create a wonderful warm atmosphere and continue to light the garden paths at Mount Vernon during special evening events, such as the Wine Tasting Festival, and at Christmas time. 

Our 2022 ornament measures 3 ½” by 2 ¼”, has a red ribbon for hanging, and is presented in a decorative gift box. The miniature black lantern is decorated with bright green and red holly branches and a red metal ribbon marked with the year. An educational enclosure card is included in the box.