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White Topaz Rosecut Ring

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Introducing our exquisite Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated White Topaz ring, inspired by a diamond ring discovered in the illustrious Mount Vernon Collection. We have carefully crafted this ring to offer an affordable yet elegant alternative, using white topaz as the centerpiece. The rose-cut white topaz stone is expertly cut to showcase its brilliance, while capturing the essence of the original mourning ring made for George Washington's half-brother, Lawrence Washington.

This remarkable ring holds a significant historical connection, as it was designed as a mourning ring to honor Lawrence Washington, who tragically passed away from tuberculosis in 1752. As it descended in the Fairfax family, its rich heritage speaks volumes. We have paid meticulous attention to detail in modeling our ring after this cherished piece, ensuring that its essence is preserved.

Crafted in sterling silver with radiant yellow gold plating, this ring offers an affordable and exquisite timeless elegance. The faceted white topaz stone takes center stage, symbolizing the brilliance and grace of a diamond while allowing for accessibility without compromising on style. Embrace a piece of history and grace your hand with this stunning Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated White Topaz ring, a tribute to the remarkable legacy of Lawrence Washington and the enduring beauty of fine jewelry.


White Topaz, Sterling Silver with Gold Plating, Sizes 6-9