Potomac Collection

In addition to serving as an important transportation route linking Mount Vernon to major ports, the Potomac River also provided Washington with one of his most profitable business enterprises - fishing!

Browse our products inspired by George Washington's fishing operations, the Potomac River & the Chesapeake Bay.

Learn more about George Washington's Fishing Operations

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Mount Vernon Chesapeake Bay Platter
Entrepreneur George Washington Caroler
George Washington, Pioneer Farmer
First Entrepreneur
Three Charm Mount Vernon Map Necklace
Mount Vernon Map Bangle
Mount Vernon Map Wine Bottle Coaster
Mount Vernon Map Cutting Board
Mount Vernon Map Stopper
Mount Vernon Map Keyring
Mount Vernon Map Paperweight
Mount Vernon Map Ornament
Mount Vernon Map Cufflinks
Compass Rose Stud Earrings
Compass Rose Bottle Stopper
Compass Cufflinks
Compass Rose Bangle
Compass Rose Wine Coaster
Anchor Stud Earrings
Anchor Cufflinks
Anchor Bangle
Anchor Bangle
American Ship Constitution Open Cider Jug
Sterling Silver “Find Your Way” Compass Necklace
Sterling Silver “Follow Your Heart” Compass Necklace

39 results

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