Happily Ever After Pumpkin

SKU 27676

Magical fairy-tale inspired glass pumpkins are reminiscent of Cinderella’s famous pumpkin coach and glass slippers.  Stunning metallic glass is sprinkled over the ridges of each pumpkin so they sparkle with silver frost. Because of their neutral color, these pumpkins can be left on display year round.  The Happily Ever After Pumpkins sparkle as bright and amazing centerpieces in winter decorating schemes and also for weddings and bridal party gifts. Hand blown by master glass maker Luke Adams.

Examples of American glass are on display in the Mount Vernon collection.

The Happily Ever After Squat Pumpkin is approximately 4" tall.

The Happily Ever After Medium Pumpkin is approximately 6" tall.

The Happily Ever After Large Pumpkin is approximately 8" tall.

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