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Your purchase helps to support our mission of preserving George Washington's legacy
Your purchase supports our mission to preserve George Washington's legacy

GW Masonic Ornament

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Washington was among several founding fathers who were Masons, including Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. The Marquis de Lafayette was also a Mason. These men exemplified freemasonry's major values--the belief in a God or a higher being, brotherhood, loyalty, charity, education, and justice. Masonry was a theme throughout Washington's life, and was observed at his death.

This blue and gold flat Christmas ball-shaped metal ornament is 2 ¾” W x 3” H, and includes a 3” blue ribbon for hanging. The face displays George Washington dressed with his mason medal and apron, with the words master mason and the date August 4, 1753; the reverse displays the masonry insignia and the words The Brotherhood of Man, The Fatherhood of God.