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Your purchase helps to support our mission of preserving George Washington's legacy
Your purchase supports our mission to preserve George Washington's legacy

Cajun Classic Mount Vernon Peanuts

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Classic Cajun Mount Vernon PeanutsĀ - Southern Cuisine inspired and coated with a mix of chili, garlic, and onion powder for a flavorful and savory taste.

Peanuts were a staple of the colonial diet. In the historical archives at Mount Vernon, there is a letter dated 1798 from George Washington to his buying agent in which he ordered ā€œPindarsā€, another word for peanuts.Ā ā€œHalf a bushel. or a bushel of the Ground Pease, or Pindars as they are calledā€¦ā€

Virginian peanuts -known for their large size and crunchy texture- have been referred to as the ā€œpeanut of the gourmetā€. These Virginia-grown peanuts are cooked in pure peanut oil to keep them cholesterol-free andĀ enhanceĀ the natural peanut taste.Ā 

U.S.A. grown and packed peanuts from FERIDIESĀ® in southeastern Virginia.
No additives and no preservatives - for prolonged freshness, please refrigerate upon opening.
Packed in a facility that processes tree nuts.