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By Nick Bunker. ISBN: 978-0-307-59484-6. Copyright 2014. Hardcover with 429 pages including notes and index.

Winner of the 2015 George Washington Book Prize.

"An Empire on the Edge: How Britain Came to Fight America" is an account of the Boston Tea Party and the origins of the American Revolution, showing the lethal blend of politics, personalities, and economics which led to the "shot heard 'round the world" in 1775. With lawyers in London calling the Tea Party treason, and with hawks in Parliament crying out for revenge, the British opted for punitive reprisals without foreseeing the resistance they would arouse. For their part, the Americans underestimated Britain's determination not to give way. By the late summer of 1774, when the rebels in New England began to arm themselves, the descent into war had become irreversible.

A Mount Vernon bookplate, signed by Nick Bunker, is included with your purchase.

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