Western Hermisphere Map

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Western Hemisphere – Americas showing California as an Island -Matthias Seutter (Cartographer/Mapmaker) - Ca. 1740

This very attractive map of the Americas displays a prominent island of California based on the second Sanson model, with two indented bays on the northern coast. Right above the island is the strait of Fretum Anian and the coastline of Terra Esonis incogn, which is obscured by an incredibly ornate illustrative cartouche relating to the religious conversion of the natives. The Great Lakes are somewhat misrepresented, with large fictitious bays on the west coasts of lakes Superior and Michigan. A suggestion of a Northwest Passage is hinted at through a portage between rivers inspired by the reports of Baron Lahontan. The map is filled with place names and details the tracks of the major voyages of exploration in the Pacific. An array of exotic birds flutter above the large title cartouche that depicts Native Americans fishing, cutting sugar cane, farming, and paying tribute to a chief. A secondary cartouche contains text relating to the critical discoveries in America and the conversion of the natives to Christianity.

Glass is 99% UV filtering, matting, and backing highest grade materials on the market, 100% cotton rag. The outer backing is museum-grade coroplast and the dust cover is acid-free. Measures 23” x 40”. Framed in Virginia.