Key to The Bastille Keychain

SKU 25576

This finely crafted keychain is a scaled interpretation of Mount Vernon's famous Key to the Bastille, the infamous prison in Paris overthrown at the beginning of the French Revolution. A symbol of freedom and liberty, the key was sent in 1790 to George Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette, a leader of the French Revolution who had served under Washington during the American Revolutionary War a decade earlier. The Key has remained at Mount Vernon for 200 years, prominently displayed in its original wood and glass case in the Mansion's central passage. In a letter that accompanied the key, Lafayette wrote with heartfelt emotion, "Give me leave, my dear General, to present you... with the main key to the fortress of despotism. It is a tribute which I owe as a son to my adoptive father, as an aide de camp To my General, - as a missionary of liberty to its patriarch."

The key chain measures 4" long including the key ring.

Historical information is included on packaging.

Made in the USA.

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