The Romance of Tea

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Tea and Tea Drinking Through Sixteen Hundred Years By William Ukers. Annotated by James Norwood Pratt. ISBN: 978-0-9836-1069-4. Softcover, 208 pages. Copyright 2017.

William Ukers' classic book on the history and lore of tea has been required reading for every tea professional or tea aficionado since first published in 1936 by Alfred Knopf. Now updated and annotated by America's tea sage James Norwood Pratt, this treasure book of tea recounts how the whole world learned to love drinking tea. This tale of how humanity acquired its favorite habit first attracts us, then absorbs us and casts a spell over us as it teaches us. He regales us, in his quaint way and measured tones, with a little-known epic romance - how the whole world loved drinking tea. In this work, first published in 1936 by Alfred Knopf, the author describes the legendary and true origins of tea, the spread of its use as a beverage, the romantic trade that grew up around it, its introduction to Europe and the changes it brought about in European social and economic life.

America's tea sage James Norwood Pratt now introduces a new generation of tea lovers to this legendary tea pioneer with this annotated and expanded edition which is sure to delight anyone whose daily life is infused with the ritual of tea.