The Man Who Would Not Be King T-Shirt

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George Washington and his cherished horse Blueskin are front and center on this lightweight cotton t-shirt. This "title" of The Man Who Would Not Be King is used in many books and descriptions of Washington even though, in May of 1782, a letter sent to George Washington by Colonel Lewis Nicola proposed that Washington become the King of the United States.

Fun Fact: here are some of the many titles considered when deciding what the elected official of our new country be called: His Sacred Majesty, His Illustrious Highness, His Serence Highness, His Elective Majesty, His Highness; the President of the United States and Protector of their Liberties.

  • Quartz and marine blue colors available
  • Crew neck - short sleeves - straight hem
  • 100% lightweight cotton
  • Machine wash warm with like colors – tumble dry low