The Hermione

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"The Hermione: Lafayette's Warship and the American Revolution" by Emmanuel De Fontainieu with participation from Yann Cariou, Benedict Donnelly, and Yves Gaubert; foreword by Henry Kissinger; introduction by Segolene Royal; translated by Mary Malecek Podevin and Anna Fitzgerald. ISBN 978-2-916231-35-8. Copyright 2015. Hardcover with 238 pages including more than 200 color illustrations.

This three-part story describes the development of the French Navy, starting with the building of the arsenal at Rochefort, France, in the 1600's. France's naval ambitions reached their pinnacle during the victorious military campaigns in colonial America. In 1779, L'Hermione, a Concorde class frigate was completed at Rochefort and served until she was grounded and wrecked in 1793. L'Hermione, brought the Marquis de Lafayette back to the United States in 1780 after Lafayette convinced the King of France to commit significant resources to the American revolutionary cause.

Next, heritage ship expert Yves Gaubert details the revival of 18th century shipbuilding techniques merging with modern maritime standards in the meticulous recreation of L'Hermione which began in 1997.

Lastly, the modern day captain of L'Hermione shares experiences of sailing the powerful ship that pays homage to the history it was built to honor.

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