The American Revolution: A Visual History

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By the Smithsonian Institution with contributions from James C. Bradford, R. G. Grant, Jeremy Harwood, David Hatt, Mark Collins Jenkins, Paul D. Lockhart, Cdr. John Patterson VI, Jim Piecuch, John Ruddiman, and James D. Scudieri. ISBN 978-1-4654-4607-7. Copyright 2016. Hardcover with 360 pages including index and multiple illustrations.

The definitive guide to the events, people, and technology of the war that led to the foundation of the United States. This unique and accessible account of the War of Independence includes detailed descriptions of each episode in the conflict between Britain and her thirteen colonies, enhanced by the stories of those who witnessed the drama as it unfolded. This colorful volume is packed with hundreds of images of paintings, drawings and satirical cartoons which provide a vibrant record of the American Revolution.