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Sugarfina Santas Candy Shop Advent Calendar

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  • All we want for Christmas is candy! From Sugarfina, step inside Santa's Candy Shop this holiday season. Try 24 gourmet gummies and chocolates from around the world.¬†
  • Contents:
  • Penguin Presents (Holiday Presents) Advent Taster Packet - pomegranate and apricot-flavored gummies¬†
  • Baby Whales Advent Taste Packet - Itty-bitty, blueberry-flavored baby whale gummies.
  • Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Advent Taste Packet - chewy chocolate chip cookie dough bites dunked in dark chocolate and rolled in walnuts
  • Apple Frogs Advent Taste Packet - Tasty apple gummy sits atop vanilla apple foam
  • Heavenly Sours Advent Taste Packet - Made with real fruit juice*, these sweet and tart gummies have a taste that's totally out of this world.¬†
  • Petite Strawberries (Summer Strawberries) Advent Taste Packet -¬† made with real strawberry pur√©e¬†
  • Raspberry Eiffel Towers Advent Taste Packet - delightful raspberry-flavored gummies.
  • Sparkling Stars (Walk of Fame Stars) Advent Taste Packet - a glittering strawberry-flavored white chocolate bar topped with sparkling pink sugar and pop rocks.
  • Birthday Cake Cookies Advent Taste Packet - crispy sugar cookie bites, dipped them in decadent white chocolate and sprinkled them¬†
  • Holiday Hearts (Strawberry Hearts) Advent Taste Packet - These heart-shaped sweets are bursting with fresh strawberry flavor.
  • Banana Gummies (Cabana Banana) Advent Taste Packet - Sweet, craveable gummies made with real banana pur√©e.¬†
  • Merry Berries Advent Taste Packet - raspberry-flavored gummies decorated in crunch red nonpareils
  • Cookies and Cream Advent Taster Packet - creamy white chocolate with crushed chocolate cookies
  • Peach Bum Advent Taste Packet - gummies made with real peach pur√©e
  • Riptide Raspberries Advent Taste Packet - vegan sweets swirling with real raspberry pur√©e
  • Milk Chocolate Donuts Advent Taste Packet - cereal bites dressed in milk and dark chocolate and festive sprinkles¬†
  • Rainbow Bears Advent Taste Packet -¬†¬†flavors of grapefruit, apricot, pineapple, apple and blueberry
  • Santa's Trees Advent Taste Packet - raspberry and green apple-flavored Christmas tree gummies
  • Island Pineapples Advent Taste Packet - made with real pineapple pur√©e
  • Pink Sprinkle Donuts Advent Taste Packet - cereal bites dressed in pink chocolate and festive sprinkles
  • Snow Buddy Advent Taste Packet - strawberry-flavored snowman gummies
  • Peach Hearts (Peach Bellini) Advent Taste Packet - gummies are filled with juicy peach flavor, then dusted in sweet and sour crystals
  • Ice Cream Cones Advent Taste Packet - gummy goodness, in delicious flavors of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla
  • Candy Cane Caramels Advent Taste Packet - caramels are covered in dark and white chocolate and festively dressed like a candy cane
Allergen information: Milk, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Tree Nuts (Walnuts)