True North Painting by Simon Bull

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During his Plein Air painting exhibition at Mount Vernon last July, Simon had the good fortune to meet a conservator working on the ongoing restoration of George Washington's home.  The conservator invited Simon to climb up to the roof of the mansion to see the dove of peace weathervane up close, an unforgettable experience for the artist which he wished to memorialize in this painting.  Simon very generously donated this work to Mount Vernon so proceeds would directly benefit the ongoing restoration of the mansion.  True North combines the image of the Mount Vernon dove of peace weathervane with Simon Bull's iconic image of plums and cherry blossoms. 

The True North Painting features Simon Bull’s iconic plum and cherry blossoms along with the Mount Vernon Weathervane on a 36” x 48” canvas.

This original, one-of-kind artwork was painted exclusively for Mount Vernon during Simon Bull’s Plein Air Art Event July 2019.

Mount Vernon had the opportunity to interview the internationally renowned artist, Simon Bull, in the Upper Garden.

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