Lemon Favors Painting by Simon Bull

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During his July 2019 visit, Simon Bull visited several locations on the estate. He said he gained inspiration primarily from nature and focused on a pastoral theme, fruit trees, and still waters.  This painting showcases a vibrant lemon tree from the upper garden. We know that Washington received a lemon tree in 1784 from Margaret Tilghman Carroll of Baltimore. Today, as with the other tropicals grown at Mount Vernon, the lemons are grown in pots so that they can be moved into a greenhouse for the winter.

The Lemon Favors Painting is on a 36” x 48” canvas.

This original, one-of-kind artwork was painted exclusively for Mount Vernon during Simon Bull’s Plein Air Art Event July 2019.

Mount Vernon had the opportunity to interview the internationally renowned artist, Simon Bull, in the Upper Garden. 

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