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Your purchase supports our mission to preserve George Washington's legacy
Your purchase supports our mission to preserve George Washington's legacy

Silver 'Cob" Coin

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The Silver Cob Coin you possess is a captivating artifact that harkens back to the colonial era of Spanish exploration and trade, with a historical context that aligns intriguingly with the early days of American history. Minted in 1733, just a year after the birth of George Washington, this Spanish colonial "One Real" coin, known as a "cob," offers a glimpse into the global economy of its time.

The coin's design reflects the unique and somewhat rustic nature of cob coinage. The obverse side bears a rugged yet distinct depiction of the Spanish monarch of the period, surrounded by inscriptions that indicate the issuing authority and the denomination of the coin. This portrayal captures the essence of Spanish colonial coinage, which often bore irregular shapes and uneven striking due to the minting process of the era.

What makes this coin particularly intriguing is the clarity of its date – an aspect that can be quite rare for cob coins. The clear and legible 1733 date on the coin provides a direct link to the historical timeframe in which it was minted, allowing for a more accurate historical interpretation and appreciation.

The reverse side of the coin features a distinctive cross motif, with each quadrant containing different elements, such as castles, lions, and waves. The inclusion of waves, symbolizing the sea and maritime trade routes, adds an extra layer of significance to the coin's colonial context. As a medium of exchange during the early stages of global trade and exploration, this coin embodies the spirit of adventure and economic interplay that marked that era.

The irregular shape, uneven edges, and varying thicknesses of the coin are hallmarks of the cob minting process, where metal was cut from a larger bar and hammered into rough circular shapes before being stamped with designs. These unique characteristics, while seemingly unrefined, contribute to the coin's distinct charm and authenticity.

In summary, the Silver Cob Coin, a Spanish colonial "One Real," minted in 1733, represents an exquisite historical artifact that bridges the gap between the Age of Exploration and the early days of American history. Its connection to the era just after George Washington's birth, combined with the rarity of a clear date on a cob coin, adds to its allure. With its intriguing design, the representation of maritime waves, and its rustic charm, this coin serves as a tangible link to a dynamic and transformative period in world history.


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