Santa Smoker Nutcracker

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This gift bearing Santa Smoker Nutcraker is embellished with white faux-fur hair and beard and stands at approximately 10 ½" (27 cm) tall. Mouth is moveable with wood lever in back to move lower jaw.

The nutcracker stands on a solid wood base with a small Müller logo (front and center). Made from sustainable forestry by Müller of Seiffen, Germany. Müller is a 4th generation family business known for its exquisite and superior quality and craftsmanship. The first smoker was developed around 1850 in Heidelberg, a Bavarian city close to Seiffen. Initially, artisans used dough to represent figures from everyday life. Nowadays, Santa Claus and other modern smokers are crafted 100% by hand using woodturning techniques.

This figurine is both a nutcracker and a smoker. The smoke from the incense cones (sold separately) emerges through the mouth, which stays opened with a spring. Incense cones stand on a heat-resistant base located in center of figurine. Lower part of nutcracker comes apart to allow placement of incense cones.

Wonderful holiday gift for the collector in your family! 100% handmade in Germany

Use with Smoker Incense Variety Pack

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