Ruby Crackle Glass Hurricane

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This ruby crackle glass candle shade or hurricane was handmade by Blenko Glass of Milton, West Virginia, a family-owned company since 1893. Blenko began by making stained glass and evolved through time to produce the unique creations we see today.

Ruby glass has been of value for centuries. It is the most costly color to produce as it requires using actual gold to create.

Crackle glass is created by immersion in cold water while it is molten hot, thereby cracking the glass. The glass is then reheated and either molded or hand blown into the shape the glass blower desires.

The Blenko ruby crackle hurricane is 12” tall and 4” diameter. It is the perfect cover for a taper candle with candlestick or for a pillar candle. The crackle glass makes it particularly attractive as it refracts the light in an interesting way.

*Candle shown on image product is not included with purchase.

Made in the U.S.A.