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Framed Colonial Currency Maryland

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This offering presents Two Dollars and Two Thirds from Maryland dated December 7, 1775. This genuine Colonial Currency note is encapsulated in archival Mylar, and serves as a tangible link to the economic landscapes of the past, its preservation and protection are paramount for maintaining its historical integrity. Notably, this piece is not merely a financial remnant; it is a testament to the economic and political foundations of the  United States.

Within this meticulously framed ensemble, Two Dollars and Two Thirds is accompanied by a visual companion: an image of Howard Chandler Christy's renowned masterpiece capturing the signing of the US Constitution. Christy's work, an iconic representation of a seminal moment in American history, enhances the contextual richness of the collection. Its inclusion elevates the ensemble beyond a mere financial relic, transforming it into a curated narrative that intertwines currency and art, embodying the ideals and aspirations of a burgeoning nation.

A notable addition to this ensemble is a plaque providing insight into the definition and historical context of American Colonial Currency. Delving into the roots of this economic instrument, the plaque highlights that the first Colonial Currency note was issued in 1690 by the Province of Massachusetts Bay to fund military expeditions. This crucial detail underscores the intertwining of economic necessity and the forging of early American identity.

The framing of this historical artifact adheres to the highest standards of preservation and presentation. Encased in a hardwood frame gilded with a delicate layer of gold, the ensemble exudes a sense of sophistication. The use of 99% UV-filtering glass, museum-grade coroplast outer backing, and acid-free dust cover showcases a commitment to protecting this piece for generations to come. Conforming to the rigorous standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild based in London, England, this framed collection epitomizes museum-level quality, ensuring its status as a cherished and well-preserved historical artifact.

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Equipped with a convenient wire for easy hanging.