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"Printed Textiles: British and American Cottons and Linens, 1700-1850". By Linda Eaton with preface by Mary Schoeser and photography by Jim Schneck. Based on the 1970 classic by Florence M. Montgomery. ISBN: 9781580933933. Copyright 2014. Hardcover with 384 pages.
The Winterthur Museum's richly illustrated history of British and American fabrics made or used from 1700-1850 is a visual reference for designers and a definitive contribution to textile studies.
One of the fastest growing and potentially most lucrative trades in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, on the forefront of developments in science and engineering, chemistry and technology, the textile industry is a fascinating lens into international trade relations and cultural exchange over nearly two centuries.
Be sure to visit Mount Vernon's recently re-opened "Chintz Room", formerly known as the Nelly Custis Room, to view one of the most richly furnished bed chambers in the house.

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