Native Plants of the Mid-Atlantic

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"American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic: A Book for Artists and Gardeners". Edited by Bonnie S. Driggers. ISBN: 978-1-938417-11-5. Copyright 2014. Hardcover with 141 glossy pages with 60 botanical paintings and drawings; 40 paintings of butterflies, moths, and other insect pollinators; references; and index of artists, flora and fauna.
From tiny woodland flowers, to familiar garden beauties, to hallmark trees of the forests, these botanical drawings and paintings reflect the tradition of great artists of the past. The detailed paintings of butterflies, moths and other insect pollinators emphasize the vital plant-insect interrelationships that support our plant's complex ecosystem. The entertaining narratives describe the plants, their habitat, and their usefulness in gardens or wild areas. Notes relate ways Native Americans and colonists along the mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. used plants for food, medicine, and tools.

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