1754 North Carolina 10 Shilling Note

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All of the British colonies in America issued paper money printed on long-lasting cotton/linen rag paper. Although all types of notes before the 1770's are scarce, a large find of North Carolina notes makes ones from 1748 and 1754 available today. These two issues were distinctive in having large lettering and a simple, bold vignette within a circle. Since paper notes were seldom issued, people had to make do with them for many years. The North Carolina notes were often sewn together, backed with paper, and/or pinned with what are now antique pins. At issue, each note was hand signed on the front by prominent people. North Carolinians in particular had the habit of signing each note on the back as they spent it, similar to endorsing a check today. These signatures leave a record of who was living (and spending) the notes in the mid-1700's. Signatures are all in the brown ink of era. We believe that the mid-1700 North Carolina notes were the first paper money in the world to show a bird. This is original currency, not a reproduction.

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