Music of the War of 1812 - set of 2 CDs

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Rigorously researched, the music and lyrics herein bring life to the issues, thoughts, and stories of this critical period of American history—authentically with drama and humor. THE WAR OF 1812 in America spawned a huge variety of songs and instrumental music. From the stirrings of party politics under President Adams, the traumatic effect of Jefferson’s Embargo in 1807, through the triumphal defense of Fort McHenry and last major battle at New Orleans, Americans sang about their thoughts, feelings and unfolding history. Fresh lyrics lashed out at political opponents, while military heroes like Hull, Perry and Jackson inspired ballads of praise which detail their great battles on land and sea.

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DISC A (57:31) Broadside to Anthem

DISC B (46:32) Twenty American Songs, Marches and Dances 

Listen to sample audio track: Perry’s Victory (2:26)