Mount Vernon Cherry Guest Towel

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George Washington spent many hours grafting his own fruit trees. In a 1775 memorandum he wrote "On the 10th of March, when cherry buds were a good deal swell'd, and the wite part of them beginning to appear, I grafted the following Cherries: 12 May Duke, 12 Black May, 6 Carnation, 6 May Cherry from Colo. Richd. Lee's".

Beautiful cherry trees still bloom in the gardens at Mount Vernon and cherries are a colorful design choice for table and household linens from the Shops. One cherry sprig with five luscious looking dark red cherries and deep green leaves decorate these generously sized white guest towels.

The hemmed towel is made of easy care machine washable fabric.

Square guest towel is 19 ½" x 19 ½".

Printed in the USA.