Mount Vernon by Gilman Porcelain Wine Coaster: Originally $12.95

SKU: 20354

The depiction of Mount Vernon on this decorative porcelain wine coaster is inspired by G. F. Gilman's original 1878 painting. This enchanting image is featured on the Mount Vernon 2012 Christmas ornament which celebrates George and Martha Washington's hospitality. George Washington sought fine strains of grapes to cultivate at Mount Vernon in the vineyard enclosure lying on the slope below the lower garden and behind the stables. Here he experimented with both seeds and cuttings from France and from closer by. Wine, whiskey and spirits were consumed in the 1700's at social occasions, for medicinal purposes and also used as a trading commodity. Washington enjoyed a variety of beverages, his favorite being sweet fortified wines like Madeira and Port.
Wine coaster is 5 ½" in diameter. Hand wash only.

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