Massachusetts Framed Colonial Currency

SKU 29297

An original colonial bill, an historic image and a brief history of colonial money are all featured in this unique framed collector's piece.  The currency featured is a Massachusetts one dollar original bill from May 5, 1780.

This framed, authenticated original currency from Massachusetts during the American Revolution has been encapsulated in archival grade mylar and can be easily removed at any time.  This method prevents any tapes, glues or adhesives coming in contact with the note, which can damage and decrease the value of the currency note.  The note has been double matted with 100% museum grade cotton rag matting and backing with a final protective archival grade layer of coroplast. The glass is 99% UV filtering. All materials and techniques in this frame conform to museum level framing standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild of London England.

Black and gold frame size is 19 ½” x 12 ½”.

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