Martha's Garnet-Colored Rhinestone Earrings

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In 1760 George Washington recorded the receipt of an invoice dated December 26th, detailing his latest purchases from London. Therein he listed "A pair 3 dropt Garnet Earings" bought from a jeweler named J. Grymes to grace the ears of his wife, Martha. In the eighteenth century, "dropt" earrings referred to earrings with removable dangling pendants. As garnet jewelry remained popular throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, few pieces survive in their original state. These drop pendants were later altered into a pair of earrings.

These adaptations measure the same as Martha's - 1 1/8" long x ¾" wide and have 24 round garnet rhinestones, finished in gold plate. They truly are just lovely!

Made in the USA.

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