Martha Washington Garnet-Colored Crystal Necklace

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This charming necklace is a modern interpretation of one of Lady Washington's garnet necklaces which is a part of the Mount Vernon Collection. The original necklace was purchased in 1759 by the Washington's agent in London from Susanna Passavant's Ludgate Hill shop. The semi-precious stones, ranging in color from deep pinks to purplish-reds, were probably mined in Bohemia, while the necklace's style and mounting suggest a Parisian maker. Mrs. Washington's fondness for garnets is evident from the number of necklaces, earrings, pins, hair ornaments and rings she assembled for herself and her daughter, Patsy (1757-1773), in the 1750s and 1760s. Properly faceted and set, this hard stone out-sparkled even more costly precious gems such as diamonds.

The modern interpretation of Martha Washington's necklace is made with 5-6mm garnet-colored crystal squares set in brass connectors. The garnet-colored glass clusters are handmade with 24K gold clay and the box clasp is gold filled. The necklace measures approximately 16". Handmade exclusively for Mount Vernon by a Virginia artisan. Made in the USA.

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