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Flash Sale - 48 Hours Only - 25% Off Sitewide

Martha Washington Chair Limoges Box

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With the perfection of European porcelain making skills in the mid-18th century, society became intrigued by "The Box". Examples of the 18th and 19th century porcelain pieces that are miniature hinged boxes are often found in museums while the more contemporary versions continue to be prized by collectors.
The Martha Washington box is a high backed Windsor chair inspired by the chairs in the little parlor at Mount Vernon. This shell pattern on the chair seat cushion is adapted from a repeat pattern Martha Washington used for needlework cushions now in the Mount Vernon collection. Mrs. Washington completed 12 shell-patterned cushions over a period of 36 years.
The porcelain chair is approximately 2 ½" tall and 1" wide. Crafted and hand-painted in France.