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Love In A Mist Seed Pack

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Love-in-a-mist:Β Nigella damascena

Nigella damascena is native to the Mediterranean. It has grown in English gardens since the late 16th century and was a common sight in 18th-century colonial gardens.

Love-in-a-mist is an annual flower that will grow 1-2' tall. It has delicate, lacy foliage and produces bright blue to very pale blue and sometimes white, pink, or lavender flowers. The plant flowers from early summer into fall, when attractive, balloon-shaped seedpods form. Both the flowers and the decorative seed pods can be used in fresh or dried floral arrangements. Love-in-a-mist makes a wonderful addition to any sunny informal or cottage garden.

Direct sow seeds into well-drained soil 1/8" deep after the last frost date. Deadhead plants regularly to encourage new blooms. Once established, love-in-a-mist will self-sow. USDA Zones 2-11.