Lives Bound Together Coin Booklet

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This commemorative coin booklet was created in honor of those who were enslaved at Mount Vernon. The front of the booklet has an image of Old Mount Vernon created by esteemed genre artist Eastman Johnson after his visit to the estate in 1857 along with the words "Lives Bound Together, Remembering Those Enslaved at Mount Vernon ". Inside the booklet is a photo of the Slave Memorial with details about the monument and a bronze coin. The coin has three profiles and "Lives Bound Together - Faith, Hope, Love" on one side and "In memory of the men women and children enslaved at Mount Vernon" on the other. The back of the booklet has a list of names of some of the people who are honored at the Slave Memorial. There is a clear protective covering over the entire 6" x 3 ½" fold-over booklet.
Made in the USA.