Jansson Map

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Jansson Map - Virginia and Southeast Region -1639

The interesting thing to note about this map is that it displays the conflicts between French and English claims to the Southeast territories.  This map depicts the land right after the very early Pequot War.   This map shows the area from the lower Chesapeake Bay, down through the Outer Banks and the complete coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia and to the northern region of Florida. It even shows the growth of the English colony of the Jamestown settlement which occurred in 1607.  Several early prominent cartographers had slight variances of these exact maps and the regions covered. Each made a certain improvement they deemed important to updating the map.

According to noted map researcher, Philip Burden, The greatest improvement occurs in the northern half of the map north of Porto Royal.

Glass is 99% UV filtering, matting, and backing highest grade materials on the market, 100% cotton rag.  The outer backing is museum-grade coroplast and the dust cover is acid-free.

31-1/4” x 27-3/8”

Framed in Virginia



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