Jamestown-Era Counter

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Counters were used to account for barter goods in colonial America. There was no great need for coinage in early Jamestown; settlers bartered with both Native Americans and the Company itself. The Company sent supplies and the colonists sent back natural materials from Virginia.

Jamestown’s barter economy however still needed a way to count value thus the need for coins, jetons, counters and tokens. Most counter were English, with some others European coins from Ireland, Spain, Scotland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Italy. A large numbers of jetons were made in Nuremberg, Germany, especially this type of counter made late 1500's to mid 1600's.

The reverse of this counter represents a lion with wings, which was the symbol of Venice and is most unusual. 

  • Diameter is approximately 26 mm
  • Only one counter available
  • This is an original coin, not a reproduction
  • Antique money is NON-RETURNABLE