The Story of Virginia

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Highlights from the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. Jamie O. Bosket and William M.S. Rasmussen. ISBN 978-1-911282-27-3. Hardcover 200 pages. 

The story of Virginia is at the center of the American experience. World-changing, pivotal events of the nation have most often taken place in Virginia or been meaningfully shaped by Virginians. The ideas most cherished by Americans were oft inspired and contested in the state, with lasting consequence. The history of the "mother of states" and the "mother of presidents" is long, rich, and complex. While Virginians have offered ideas with lasting positive global impact, they also have engaged in tragic fights and allowed unmistakable injustices.

This book presents 400 evocative objects from Museum's permanent exhibition, and from its impressive collection, chronologically and with brief background. In a 200-page sampling of letters, documents, artifacts, paintings, furniture, silver, and other decorative objects, along with books, maps, prints, broadsides, guns, uniforms, period photographs, and utilitarian objects, a unique and lavishly illustrated history of Virginia is provided.

A Mount Vernon bookplate, signed by the author, is included with your purchase.