Independence Cake

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Independence Cake: A Revolutionary Confection Inspired by Amelia Simmons, Whose True History Is Unfortunately Unknown. By Deborah Hopkinson & Giselle Potter. ISBN 978-0-385-39017-0. Copyright 2017. Hardcover with 36 illustrated pages including author's note and original recipe.

Celebrate American independence as you travel to Revolutionary America and meet the amazing Amelia Simmons; mother's helper, baker of delectable cakes, and soon-to-be authoress of the first American cookbook!

This delightful picture book of historical fiction takes us back to late eighteenth-century America and the discombobulated home of Mrs. Bean, mother of six strapping sons. The Bean household is out of control until Amelia Simmons arrives and puts things in order. Amelia is a fine cook who invents recipes using American ingredients such as winter squash. To honor the brand new president, George Washington, Amelia bakes thirteen Independence Cakes; one for each colony. When she presents a slice to Washington, he proclaims "Delicious!"

For ages 4-8.

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