Historic White Oak Bowl #2

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The wood for this bowl was sourced from a White Oak Tree Circa 1780. The majestic white oak stood at George Washington’s Mount Vernon for about 240 years until it fell on a windless night last November.  It had witnessed the passing of history a Civil War soldiers carved a cross and star in its bark. The tree was 115 feet tall and 12 feet around.

This irregularly shaped white oak bowl circa 1780 is etched with the star and cross to reflect the tree’s Civil War history. It is cut straight from the burl and has the entire section of bark from the burl on its underside.  The burl is also evident in the beautiful markings on the top.  Turquoise filler appears in the well of the bowl as an added reinforcement and enhancement to the striking color of the piece.

This piece measures 10-1/2” at the widest point, 14-1/2” long, 3” deep, and 2” deep well in the center.

Each handmade piece crafted by Doug Dill in Lanexa, Virginia is numbered and signed.  To honor the history of the tree, the woodturner has etched a star and cross into the bottom of each piece.

 A certificate of authenticity signed by the Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association accompanies your purchase. Historic wood is not eligible for discount.  To protect the integrity of the pieces in our collection, these cannot be returned or exchanged.

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