Historic "Last of the Swamp Oak" Vase

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This hollow form is the last piece of 1771 swamp Chestnut Oak burl in the Mount Vernon historic wood collection.

The swamp chestnut oak was planted on the green overlooking the Potomac no later than 1771. This tree could have predated Washington's inheritance of Mount Vernon. It was in serious decline for a number of years until one recent winter evening when it blew over. The wood was then saved for very special collector pieces like this letter opener. 

This tree, probably planted before George Washington’s inheritance of Mount Vernon, allows the woodturner to show off his skills as variations in the wood color and pattern are exquisite.  This last piece is beautiful from all sides, and even the inside color and pattern variations are remarkable.

This truly unique piece measures 7-1/2”w x 9-3/4” high.  The top opening measures 5-1/2”.  It is signed by the woodturner and etched with the words “Last Piece of Swamp Oak Burl”.

A certificate of authenticity signed by the Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association accompanies your purchase. Historic wood is not eligible for discount.  To protect the integrity of the pieces in our collection, these cannot be returned or exchanged. This piece cannot be filled with water.


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