Handmade Historic White Oak Vase #61

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This beautifully finished vase features an oblong raw-edged rim on a smoothly uniform silhouette. The wood selected for this piece is full of age and character. There is ample spalting, holing from old insect life, and a beautiful grain that fans out from the rings.

The opening of this vase measures approximately 4¾" diameter included the edges, and about 3" in diameter at its base. At its tallest point, the vase measures about 4¾" tall.

Created in Lanexa, Virginia by master wood crafter, Doug Dill.

These unique, one-of-a-kind Historic Wood pieces are each hand signed and numbered on the underside by the artist; Included with the vase is a small tag with the piece's unique serial number, tree source, and its dating. Additionally, the purchase will be accompanied by a numbered certificate signed by the Regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association.

The majestic white oak stood at George Washington’s Mount Vernon for about 240 years until it fell on a windless night in November 2019. It had witnessed the passing of history as Civil War soldiers carved a cross and star in its bark. The tree was 115 feet tall and 12 feet around.

Learn more about the White Oak tree which fell at Mount Vernon Here.

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Historic Wood Bowls and Vases do not qualify for discounts.
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